Caterpillar General Manager Talks Sustainability to the China Executive Leadership Program

On July 16, Frank Li, General Manager of Reman, Components & Work Tools Division (RCWT) in Asia Pacific, spoke to a group of Chinese executive leaders enrolled in the China Executive Leadership Program (CELP) at Cambridge University about Caterpillar's commitment to making sustainable development and the Reman business model.

The CELP is supported by the Cambridge China Development Trust (CCDT) and the Center of Development Studies, University of Cambridge. Working with the Central Organization Department of the Chinese Communist Party, CELP invites nearly 30 CEOs from China's 100 largest state-owned enterprises (SOE) for an annual three-week course in Cambridge. The program, which began in 2005, examines the challenges presented by globalization and the rapidly changing nature of the competitive environment in international business. The participation of these top leaders from China ensured lessons from the CELP penetrate deep into the Chinese policy-making process. This year's delegation included Ministerial Board Member and Director General of Bureau II for Cadre Management, Chairman of the Supervision Committee from the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and Board Director of the China National Offshore Oil Corporation, among others.

CELP teaching is provided by a combination of leading scholars, mainly from the University of Cambridge, and leaders of global companies. Caterpillar is one of these global companies that supports this program.

This year, Li represented Caterpillar to teach one class about the essences of running a global business and how to integrate sustainability into the core of the business. Li also interacted with the participants during the Q&A session, discussing many hot topics such as manufacturing competitiveness in China and the U.S.; IP protection issues in China; how to help SOEs be successful in running global business; what role company culture plays in making a successful business; etc. The delegates were deeply impressed by Caterpillar's commitment to sustainability, especially in the Reman business which has an advanced sustainable business model to maximize life cycle of the products and reduce customer's cost and eliminate waste to the environment.

The Director of the Center of Development Studies from University of Cambridge, Professor Peter Nolan remarked at the end of the session, "It was greatly appreciated by the participants. It worked marvelously from beginning to end."