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The Caterpillar Visitors Center recently hosted a retired executive vice president of Caterpillar for a tour with family. Chappy Chapman, who retired in 1985 after 40 years with the company, was hosted by Director of Corporate Affairs Jim Baumgartner.

At the Caterpillar Visitors Center, it's incredible to see how proud our retirees are when they see how the essence of Caterpillar today and how it was in the past has been captured, and this was no exception. Chappy was particularly drawn to the Heritage gallery, which displays photographs and equipment from the era he spent at Caterpillar. He was impressed by how technology has changed so much of Caterpillar as a company.

This day wasn't only memorable for Chappy, but also for his family. Judd, Chappy's grandson and current Caterpillar employee, said, "My grandfather has been my role model. Experiencing that day with him added a new dimension to our relationship. It was a great memory that our family will hold forever."

Following their tour at the CVC, Chappy and his family met with Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman. Before leaving, Chappy couldn't resist making a quick visit to his former office on the seventh floor of the Corporate Headquarters Building in downtown Peoria, Ill. Even though Chappy hadn't seen the office since 1985, he expressed that other than new furniture, the office was exactly as he remembered it.

Chappy's visit was a reminder of the legacy our leaders have left us and how essential they've been to our success.

Like Chappy, all employees who join Caterpillar become part of our proud heritage and help us continue making sustainable progress possible.