A ‘Digital First’ Mentality: Meet Our New Chief Analytics Director Morgan Vawter

August 3, 2016

“… a ‘digital first’ mentality is no longer isolated to the technology companies – it’s how every company has to design their products, market to their consumers and deliver their experiences,” our new chief analytics director, Morgan Vawter, said in a Q&A with LEADERS Magazine.

Morgan speaks from experience. Before joining Caterpillar this April, she held a number of top analytics positions at leading firms – and she consulted for more than 40 Fortune 500 companies on analytics.

In her new position, Morgan leads the Information Analytics (IA) team, part of our Marketing & Digital division. The team is small, but they’re playing an important role in building our enterprise analytics vision.

In part, they’re helping develop and provide predictive analytics capabilities to customers. These predictive products and services already give Caterpillar and our dealers a competitive advantage – and the IA team is working on additional solutions that will help keep it that way.

The IA team also wants to drive a “data beats opinions” culture within Caterpillar. The team is empowering business units throughout the company to become more data-driven by investing in solutions to big, cross-functional business issues and providing analytic resources and tools to business partners. They’ve also helped share their expertise with their fellow employees. One of their recent events, the Analytics Now Summit, which was attended by over 1,000 employees.

Learn more about Morgan, why she joined Caterpillar and her key priorities in her role in Morgan’s Q&A with LEADERS Magazine.


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