Three Keys to U.S. Job Growth

January 12, 2016

As President Obama prepares to give his State of the Union address, Caterpillar Chairman Doug Oberhelman, is speaking out on federal policies that could strengthen the U.S. economy. 

In an op-ed published by CNBC, Oberhelman wrote the article as part of his new role as Chairman of Business Roundtable, a U.S. association of CEOs of leading U.S. multinational companies. He calls for tax reform, the passage of pending trade agreements and a more rational approach to regulations as ways to provide growth and job opportunities for Americans. 

Oberhelman says we can create jobs in the United States through tax policies that encourage business growth and investments to compete with other countries that are removing tax obstacles. He also urges members of Congress to support the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. The TPP would provide American exporters with a more transparent playing field and increased market access to the Asia-Pacific region. 

In addition, Oberhelman underscores the need for “common-sense regulations that protect worker safety and health, and the environment, and still allow innovation and investment to flourish.” 

Read the full article here. Want to learn more about the TPP agreement? Click here.

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