PODCAST: ‘It's Not Cocktail Parties’

January 19, 2017

Kathryn Karol wakes up every morning and says “control the controllable.”

That’s life as Caterpillar’s vice president of Global Government & Corporate Affairs.

“In this job, there’s so much you can’t control…Right now, I can’t control what’s going on with the new Administration and the new congress, but what we can do and seize the opportunity with our new CEO, our Executive Office and Board of Directors to best position our company to achieve our goals,” Karol said.

Karol gives insight on CEO Jim Umpleby, policy priorities and the Trump Administration. She also talks about growing up living around the world as well as her early career working on Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign and in his administration.

She also gives a behind the scenes look at working in government affairs. “It’s not cocktail parties,” Kathryn hints.

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Program Guide

1:20 – Growing up around the world

3:20 – Her parents' influence – her father was a retired Navy captain and a diplomat and her mother was a philanthropist

5:35 – Balancing work and personal time

8:10 – Karol’s leadership style

10:15 – Working in the Ronald Reagan Administration

11:25 – How Reagan taught Karol the importance of communication

11:50 – How the art of diplomacy has been absent since the Reagan administration

12:55 – Transitioning from politics to non-profit work to the private sector

14:25 – What attracted Karol to Caterpillar

16:00 – Challenges of coming into Caterpillar as an executive hire

19:35 – The moment Karol realized she was “all-in with Caterpillar”

20:30 – An inside look at government affairs: “It’s not cocktail parties”

24:50 – How Global Government & Corporate Affairs can affect the business

28:45 – Focusing on a new Caterpillar CEO and a new administration

30:05 – Karol on new Caterpillar CEO Jim Umpleby

31:00 – How government affairs team is positioned in house, senate and administration

31:20 – Key issues in 2017: tax reform, infrastructure and regulations

31:55 – Challenges around trade

33:00 – Key issues and goals for 2017

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