The Manufacturing Revolution Continues: Remarks by Doug Oberhelman at The National Association of Manufacturers

In anticipation of National Manufacturing Day on October 3rd, Caterpillar Inc. Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman gave a speech, entitled The Manufacturing Revolution Continues, at the National Association of Manufacturers.

Oberhelman said the industrial revolution might just as easily be called the manufacturing revolution because manufacturers created "entire industries and modern society by making the products people wanted to buy." He also said manufacturers are in the midst of a sustainable manufacturing revolution, and they are "constantly innovating and improving, making factories safer while at the same time using less energy, less water and creating less waste."  Oberhelman also emphasized several public policy solutions -- from comprehensive immigration reform to corporate and individual tax reform -- that are needed to "get this economy firing on all cylinders." Oberhelman is Chair of the NAM board of directors through December 2014. 

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