PODCAST: Caterpillar Defense Is Supporting the Mission with Director Jay Walton

Jay Walton is not a military veteran. But he has about 300 years of military experience at his disposal as the leader of Caterpillar Defense. This team operates with a unique mission and purpose statement: our solutions help our customers defend a better world. Caterpillar Defense is the world’s foremost supplier of earthmoving equipment, engines and power generators for government agencies and military forces. From the battlefield to disaster recovery, Caterpillar Defense equipment and solutions have taken on challenging tasks in some of the most adverse and diverse environments around the world. Walton sits down with Caterpillar Podcast host Rusty Dunn to talk about the growing opportunity in the defense industry. He also talks about his own career including a couple of early opportunities in broadcasting and a now-classic feature film. 
Program Guide (27:59 total run time): 
2:10 – An origin story 60+ years in the making 
5:00 – A purpose statement...with a twist. 
7:10 – Where disaster strikes, so does Caterpillar Defense 
9:05 – Leveraging 300 years of military service 
11:30 – Taking the team’s pride and passion to a different level  
13:10 – A growing business in a trillion-dollar defense industry 
17:00 – A dozer rumbles onto the battlefield and lives saved  
19:15 – Early career opportunities in rock radio and a now-classic movie 
22:20 – Jay’s keys to success and communication, communication, communication