Oberhelman Meets Trump to Talk Manufacturing

February 27, 2017

One of Caterpillar’s strongest assets in our efforts to enact pro-growth policies comes from our relationships with lawmakers and our ability to be part of the discussions that matter. Last week, those attributes resulted in a literal seat at the table as Caterpillar Executive Chairman Doug Oberhelman joined two dozen manufacturing executives at the White House for a sit down with U.S. President Donald Trump. Vice President of Global Government and Corporate Affairs Kathryn Karol attended with Doug.

As a member of the President’s “Manufacturing Jobs Initiative” group, Doug raised several issues critical to Caterpillar and its employees, dealers, customers and suppliers during the morning-long series of meetings. He spoke directly to the need to support the House of Representatives' tax reform ”Blueprint”, the need to eliminate the layers of burdensome regulation that delay and add high costs for infrastructure projects, as well as investment that offers creative funding solutions for infrastructure projects that will spur the competitiveness of companies in the U.S.

The White House asked Caterpillar to chair the infrastructure subcommittee for the Initiative. During the meeting Doug recommended the group identify the 10 most important infrastructure projects in the U.S. and offer solutions and funding options. He highlighted the need to better utilize public-private partnerships and implement a government liaison to ensure the Fast Act (the highway bill signed into law in 2015) succeeds in getting important projects underway. Doug’s suggestions clearly made an impression with the President who asked Caterpillar to work closely with his team on these objectives.

The President has said he will utilize these meetings, which will continue regularly throughout the year, to gather input and counsel from America’s job creators and in his efforts to build out policy initiatives. Caterpillar’s strong voice in Washington will continue to provide a substantive part of the debate.

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