Oberhelman Talks U.S. Competitiveness with CNN International

United States tax reform, education and infrastructure were the focus of Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman’s interview on CNN International’s Quest Means Business.

“If we could make a little headway on some of them, we’d see quite a change in economic growth and job creation in this country,” Oberhelman told host Poppy Harlow.

The interview comes on the heels of Oberhelman’s recent speech at the Indiana Economic Forum, titled “The United States Needs an Economic Offense.” His full remarks can be viewed here.

Oberhelman also touched on the competitive landscape in China, where Caterpillar has 26 plants and 25,000 company and dealer employees.

“There are all kinds of risks that come up every day no matter where you are in the developing world,” Oberhelman said. “We’ve got to be there to compete, and get after that.”

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Doug Oberhelman Biography

Oberhelman joined the Caterpillar treasury department in 1975 and has worked in or led a wide variety of businesses across the company.

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The United States Needs an Economic Offense

Remarks by Doug Oberhelman at the Indiana Economic Forum.

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