Oberhelman Sounds off on Keystone XL

Because Caterpillar has long supported the Keystone XL crude oil pipeline project, Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman wanted to add his voice to the many experts and officials urging Congress and the White House to move the project forward. His opinion piece originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune with the headline, “Doug Oberhelman: Keystone XL pipeline's gift: 42,000 jobs.” The story was also published in several other newspapers throughout the country. Click here to view the story.

Securing stable and affordable energy through projects like the Keystone XL pipeline will benefit small and large businesses throughout the United States, while rejection or further delay will sacrifice significant economic and energy benefits for the United States and our North American allies.

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Doug Oberhelman Biography

Oberhelman joined the Caterpillar treasury department in 1975 and has worked in or led a wide variety of businesses across the company.

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Oberhelman Pens Op-Ed on Infrastructure and Risks to U.S. Competitiveness

Oberhelman outlined the risks to U.S. competitiveness if Washington's leaders can't fix short and long term infrastructure funding issues.

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