Caterpillar Chairman Doug Oberhelman Addresses the Washington Economic Club

February 13, 2017

The U.S. political climate remains contentious and global economic conditions are still challenging, but Caterpillar Chairman Doug Oberhelman believes the United States can regain its national optimism and come together as a country by rebuilding economic strength. 

Speaking last week to the Washington Economic Club, Doug said, "In my view, a strong national economy is the foundation for almost everything we are provided in life. Think about it – to meet our most basic needs requires economic survival, at a minimum. And the more economic growth the better living standards for all, no matter where you on the spectrum. A country with a solid economic footing, a sound education system, with the opportunity for income growth, where investment and innovation flourish – is always more stable and secure."

Doug, who chaired both the National Association of Manufacturing and the Business Roundtable during his tenure as chairman and CEO, believes business tax reform, regulatory reform and infrastructure should be the top priorities in helping to grow the U.S. economy. 

"There are many more things we can do to bring growth back to the long run historical average of 2.7 percent, at least. But there's no magic formula. It will take a lot of hard work, a lot of compromise, a lot of government restructuring, and whole lot of optimism. If we pull together, our potential is unlimited," Doug told the audience.

With his unique expertise on manufacturing issues, and experience working with other manufacturing executives on policy goals and strategy, Doug will represent Caterpillar on President Trump's newly formed Manufacturing Jobs Initiative. President Trump plans to meet with some of the world's most successful and creative business leaders to share their experiences and gain their insights as part of his overall job creation agenda.

The full transcript of Doug's remarks can be read here.

Click here to watch a video of Doug's speech and a Q&A session that followed the speech.

Full Transcript of Doug Oberhelman’s Remarks to Washington Economic Club

“So what do we need? My solution isn't revolutionary: I think we start coming together again through economic strength.”

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