Powering a Natural Gas Future

Caterpillar delivered a strong message of leadership and partnership at this year’s High Horsepower Summit, held in New Orleans, Louisiana in October. HHP is the premier industry conference for use of natural gas in rail, marine, oil & gas, mining and electric power applications. More than 1,500 attendees and 100 exhibitors participated in the four-day show. Caterpillar was a title sponsor for the third year in a row and reinforced its commitment to furthering the development of gas technology and infrastructure through innovative products and solutions and collaboration with customers and industry partners.  Product experts from across Energy & Transportation hosted workshops and were on-hand to talk with conference attendees at the Caterpillar booth. Caterpillar products on display included Dynamic Gas Blending™ systems for pressure pumping and land drilling applications and an EMD 710 DGB™ engine for marine and rail applications. EMD’s locomotive using DGB™ is being piloted with a customer and 5000 miles of track testing are already complete. Other customer projects were highlighted, including a Power Barge using Cat® gas engines in Germany, gas powered ferries that will support the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, and modular power plants using gas-fueled electric power. A common theme across all the displays was the economic value Caterpillar gas products provide to customers: efficiency, reliability, flexibility and performance tailored to each industry application and coupled with world class support.

Tana Utley, vice president with responsiblity for the Large Power Systems division, provided the keynote address on day one of the Summit, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in moving the industry towards deeper integration of natural gas. “All parts of the industry must play off of each other, like a well-tuned jazz ensemble,” she said, describing an “ecosystem” around gas that is nurturing broader adoption of the abundant, affordable and adaptable diesel alternative. “Customers, suppliers, manufacturers, regulators, legislators and other players must continue to work well together to enable the full potential of the gas value proposition to be realized,” she said. “Caterpillar is committed to working alongside you to power a natural gas future.”

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