Doug Oberhelman Talks Education at U.S.-Africa Business Summit

September 23, 2016

The U.S.-Africa Business Forum, which brought together many African heads of state and U.S. and African CEOs in New York this week, further reinforced the opportunities for Caterpillar on the continent. The need for investment in infrastructure, power and transportation as the catalyst for continued growth and increased trade in Africa was touched on by many speakers throughout the day, including President Obama.

From Cat® mining trucks in the opening video sequence, to Caterpillar Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman's panel discussion on skills development with the presidents of South Africa and Ghana and the CEO of IBM, Caterpillar took center stage during the forum as a key partner in Africa not only in infrastructure development and power generation, but as a company actively engaged in helping prepare Africa's growing youth population with the skills they need to find sustainable employment.

Oberhelman highlighted the need to invest in public education systems in Africa so that young people are equipped to take on the challenging technician training Caterpillar and Cat dealers provide, which is increasingly technical given the advances in our equipment. The audience participated in some real-time polling during the event, and 60 percent said investment in public education is most important for driving economic diversification in Africa.

President Mahama of Ghana, said the need for technicians in the mining and oil and gas sectors in his country is growing, and the challenge is aligning training programs to meet the needs of industry. With Caterpillar programs like Technicians for Africa, Think Big and the work the Caterpillar Foundation does to equip youth with the skills they need, Caterpillar is helping train the next generation of technicians needed to meet the massive infrastructure needs on the continent.


Caterpillar, Cat dealers and the Caterpillar Foundation plan to invest more than $1 billion in countries throughout Africa over the next five years.

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