Caterpillar Shares a Stage with Nike, Kraft and more…

April 17, 2015

What does Caterpillar have in common with Nike, Kraft and Pepsico? It’s definitely not our products. It’s our passion for manufacturing excellence.

Global manufacturing leaders – from companies including Nike, Kraft and Pepsico – converged on the Chicagoland area this week to talk about trends in North American manufacturing. On behalf of Caterpillar, Dave Bozeman, senior vice president of the Caterpillar Enterprise System Group, chaired the North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit, where more than 50 companies shared their stories and strategies to achieve manufacturing excellence.

“While a majority of the products each of these companies produce is unique to their industries, I found that we all share one thing in common,” said Bozeman. “We all start with raw materials. Whether it is human thought, cotton, a stick of butter or steel, we all start with raw materials and then leverage manufacturing excellence to transform that raw material into value for the global marketplace.“

More than 350 manufacturing leaders attended the two-day summit, with several attendees joining Caterpillar Vice President Tana Utley for her breakout session on Innovation in Manufacturing Technology. 

“The summit’s attendees were in search of great ideas to help transform their businesses,” said Utley.  “Manufacturing is so important to our nation’s economic and competitive strength – our discussion centered on the elements that are required to bring manufacturing to the next level, including talent-driven innovation and a robust strategic direction.  Caterpillar’s thought leadership on innovation was welcomed by the participants, and I was honored to represent the company’s perspective with such an interesting group of professionals.”

To learn more about the North American Manufacturing Excellence Summit click here.

David P. Bozeman

Dave Bozeman is a senior vice president with responsibility for the Caterpillar Enterprise System Group.

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