Caterpillar Recognizes Market Demand to Utilize Both Natural Gas and Diesel Fuels

Driving forces for using both natural gas and diesel fuels include the decoupling of natural gas and diesel fuel prices and regulatory pressure to reduce flaring and maintain regulated emissions compliance.

Dynamic Gas Blending™ technology allows for select Oil and Gas engines to be upgraded to a system that will provide sustainable development, lower cost of ownership, and improved diagnostic capability. The Dynamic Gas Blending™ solution continuously adjusts to changes in incoming fuel quality and pressure, allowing engines to run on a wide variety of fuels, from associated gas to gasified LNG, all while consistently maintaining diesel power and transient performance.

Read a success story about Southwestern Energy to learn about Dynamic Gas Blending™ and the benefits of this solution.

About Caterpillar Oil and Gas

Caterpillar Oil and Gas, Caterpillar Inc.’s oil and gas division with headquarters in Houston, Texas, groups all the sales and service activities for Cat© oil and gas power solutions. Since the 1930s, Caterpillar has manufactured engines for the oilfield and today provides premier power solutions with outputs from 31 to 16,000 kW. The sales and service network includes more than 2,100 dealer locations world-wide dedicated to support customers in the drilling, production, well service and gas compression segments. More information is available at:

Innovation at Caterpillar

Over the years, Caterpillar people have followed in our founders' footsteps, introducing breakthrough solutions in turbo charging technology, electronic controls, fuel systems, drive systems and more for the purpose of enhancing our customers' success.

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Natural Gas

The world needs more of everything - and when Caterpillar thinks power, it's not considered in terms of diesel or gas, but diesel and gas.

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