Caterpillar China Launches Series of CSR Programs

Rooted in China for 40 years, Caterpillar has set its strategic goal as a recognized, responsible and contributing local citizen. To reach this goal, Caterpillar has launched a series of CSR programs in the fields of ecology, resources sharing, access to education, culture exchange, basic human needs, etc.

Among them, the Great Rivers Partnership and Sustainable Urbanization Project have been greatly supported by the Chinese government and developed as long-term policies. Caterpillar is fulfilling its commitment to China with the dedicated contribution in fostering harmony between human and nature as well as driving sustainable growth of the society and world economy.

Supported by the Caterpillar Foundation, the Yangtze River Project, part of the Great River Partnership initiated by The Nature Conservancy in 2005, has laid a solid foundation for scientifically carrying out environmental protection planning, policy research, environmental flow practice and aquatic life monitoring standardization along the Yangtze River. The Foundation has also invested in a World Resources Institute project to promote the development of sustainable cities in China, India and Brazil.

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