Taylor NW – Building the Cloud

June 12, 2019

With more than 30 years in the construction business, Cat® customer Todd Taylor is no amateur to the industry. When Todd and his wife, Lorri, started Taylor NW in Bend, Oregon, in 2008, it was built on a solid reputation in their community.

Taylor NW is a civil contracting company specializing in excavation, power and sewer, infrastructure, and commercial land development. The company’s fleet consists of primarily articulated trucks and mini to large model excavators – all purchased through their local Cat® dealer, Peterson Cat. A fourth generation Oregonian, Todd Taylor is proud of his community and it’s evident in the projects that Taylor NW participates in.

Building a Better Tomorrow Today.

Like Caterpillar, Taylor NW has a purpose statement and it reads, “Building a better tomorrow today.” For Taylor NW employees, it means being dedicated to building a better future for their community. The team was able to demonstrate this commitment when they were the contractor chosen to complete a significant upgrade to the city of Bend’s sewer system.

The city went to great lengths to select an environmentally friendly contractor who prioritized sustainability and would be respectful of the property owner’s land. Todd Taylor acknowledges that his company fits the bill on all accounts, “We believe in working with the land – being sustainable and environmentally friendly. For us, that means purchasing late-model Cat® machines equipped with leading technology that uses less fuel and reduces exhaust emissions – resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. And we get this without compromising reliability or ease of machine operation.”

The magnitude of this project isn’t always evident because the bulk of the work is being done 30 feet underground. But the finished product benefited the nearly 100,000 Bend residents by greatly increasing sewer capacity.

Keep the Community Connected.

But, Taylor NW doesn’t limit themselves to city infrastructure projects. Have you wondered what happens to the videos and photos you upload to social media? All videos and photos uploaded to Facebook, for example, are stored in a physical representation of the cloud called a data center.

Last year, when Facebook announced plans to expand its data center in Prineville, Oregon, emphasis was given to selecting local environmentally sustainable contractors – criteria that included Taylor NW. Taylor NW was awarded the job and is performing all infrastructure work including sewer, power and water for the one million square foot data center addition. The expansion increases the facility’s total footprint to over 3.2 million square feet – making it the largest of Facebook’s data centers.

According to Taylor NW, the company couldn’t participate in projects of this magnitude without Cat® machines. Taylor NW Fleet Manager Jason LaFaver explains, “We depend on innovative technologies and detailed engineering to improve productivity. To us, that means getting more work done using fewer resources. We need high-quality machines we can depend on day in and day out – it’s the reason we’re committed to keeping an updated fleet of Cat® machines.”

The next time you post a picture or share a video on Facebook, remember that the work of Taylor NW and their Cat® machines help make sharing your memories possible.