The Operator Challenge: Crush the Competition

January 30, 2020

Hard at work every day, you can find the impact of equipment operators everywhere – the roads we drive, the bridges we cross, the buildings we shop and work in… and so much more. They are the unsung heroes who build our world and keep it running.

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Shining a light

We’re shining a light on these incredible individuals with the first ever Caterpillar Global Operator Challenge (GOC). The GOC is the largest (ever) exhibition of its type in the construction industry, and it’s putting the world’s best operators to the ultimate test – a series of skills-based challenges.

“Through the GOC, Caterpillar wishes to celebrate the diversity and skills of all operators around the world, who use construction equipment every day and contribute to the success of our industry," says Jessica Nunley, Global Marketing Innovations Manager.

"In addition," says Nunley, "this competition highlights the Cat Next Generation machines that are transforming job sites by increasing productivity to new levels, providing a new experience of comfort, and ease of operation through technology. We hope the GOC will attract more individuals to join our industry.”

The way to the final

To be the best, you have to beat the best. More than 10,000 contestants used a broad range of talents to complete multiple challenges operating our newest machines that feature performance-enhancing technology designed to maximize efficiency, productivity and uptime. After competing in local dealer challenges, winners moved on to regional championships held at three Caterpillar sites. North and South America regional finals were held in Clayton, N.C.; European finals in Malaga, Spain; and Asia Pacific finals in Chichibu, Japan.

Jason Conklin, GCI Vice President was impressed by the skills of the operators, “Watching how smooth, efficient and effortless these operators make it look, obviously years and years go into that. And, it really shows when they are out there!”

With their victories in hand, all the regional champions are headed to Las Vegas to not only compete in the Global Operator Challenge Final but to celebrate being one of the select few who made it to the Globals at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020. It’s sure to be a showcase of power, skill, and spirit.

Conklin concluded, “This is the first time that the challenge has gone global to include the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. There’s tremendous attention globally on these operators with millions already tuning-in to watch our competitions in person and online. We hope this global event can go a long way in helping tackle the talent shortage of skilled operators around the world by promoting the cultivation of highly skilled technical talent and attracting more people to join this industry.”

A special thanks

The successful coordination of this global competition is only possible because of the incredible teamwork between our Caterpillar and Cat dealer employees. Seventy Caterpillar dealers from 30 countries, representing 22 different languages, participated in the GOC, which is Caterpillar’s largest ever marketing initiative to date. Thank you to everyone for the support and extraordinary service you provide to ensure the success of our customers. Thank you to the operators and their families and friends who spent time with us for each challenge.


Operator Challenge Infographic