It’s national welding month. Thank a welder today!

April 24, 2020

April is national welding month! Whether this is an official holiday in your country or not, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate our welders across Caterpillar. 

Most people aren’t aware of how much their lives are affected by welding. Every day, in shipyards, factories, assembly plants, and construction sites all over the country, skilled workers build the structures and products that improve our lives and drive our economy. And here at Caterpillar, welding is literally what holds our products together! 

Welding is critical in manufacturing and provides a unique career. Let’s hear from some of our welders.

Zack Sanders started his career in welding and later earned a bachelor’s degree in welding engineering technology. He learned how to weld from his father, who is a welder. Using his grandfather’s old welding machine, he wielded his first torch at the age of nine and has not stopped since.

“I was pretty hooked after that,” he said. “Being able to build amazing things, super-hot molten metal, a cool helmet that makes you feel like Darth Vader, all added to my excitement! Little did I know at the time that welding can also lead to an amazing career and being able to support my family.”

Today Zack works as a senior associate welding engineer, where he provides welding engineering support to facilities across the globe. Being both a welder and an engineer, he also relishes in the knowledge that he can help facilitate communication between welders and engineers. “I enjoy being a liaison between different types of engineers and welders on the shop floor. My father was a welder and rarely had anything good to say about engineers. Many welders feel that engineers make their lives more difficult than is necessary. I enjoy helping other engineers understand the needs of the welder and vice versa.”



Want to behind the scenes look at welding at our Decatur facility? Steven Irons, welding technician, and Renee Saloka, welding instructor, will take you what it’s like behind the welding mask!


Zack, who learned to weld from his father, passes his love of welding on to his son. 

National Welding Month
Zack and his son