Historical Film Shows Deep Commitment to the Customer

August 28, 2017

“Our solutions help our customers build a better world.”

While our articulated purpose may be new, the concept certainly is as old as Caterpillar itself. Our culture of innovation over the decades has helped Caterpillar customers build a better world. Excerpts from two vintage films shot in the 1950s reinforce the modern-day focus on building a better world with the help of Caterpillar machines, solutions and services. The simple message: customer success is our success.

Recently, the Heritage Services team edited together a series of classic films showing working machines along with customer and dealer comments from more than 60-years ago. The main narrator who appears multiple times throughout the piece originally performed in a Caterpillar-produced film called “That’s My Angle.” The film was most likely used by Cat® dealers, and highlights benefits of equipment standardization at job sites – an advantage dealers still stress today. 

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