September 26th, 2017

Providing solutions to help customers to succeed is one of Caterpillar traditions. Since 1880, Daniel Best stood out for his customer service and steady communication to adapt and improve the product according to the customers’ needs. 

More than one century have passed, but the focus on the customer stays intact. In Brazil, Elba, a logistics supplier focused on industrial applications, had become the owner of the first Cat 972L Wheel Loader Steel Mill Arrangement (SMA) built in Brazil.

The equipment has been designed to perform under extreme high temperatures in industrial handling applications. The SMA configuration is the result of a partnership between Caterpillar engineers and customers of this same segment.

“Developing special arrangements at the Caterpillar factory in Piracicaba, Brazil, requires a dedicated team of engineers, focused on the market needs. They have been working closely to Elba and analyzed data on the customer´s current fleet of H Series equipment, in order to promote improvements in the new series and configuration”, says the Product Consultant, Mauricio Pizzol.  .

Recently, Elba´s maintenance manager, Mr. Vicente Laureano Junior, visited the Caterpillar factory in Piracicaba, with dealer Sotreq, to get to know the new features of the L Series SMA equipment, at the assembly line. “I could witness how Caterpillar and dealers are prepared for an outstanding customer experience, considering the customer´s voice even during the product development phase. It is not just about a new feature, the new series was completely designed with all necessary requirements to perform under extreme conditions. I am very optimistic that Elba will benefit with improvements in fuel consumption, efficiency, powertrain, operator’s visibility and comfort”, described the manager.

Besides the steel mill arrangement, Cat portfolio includes special solutions in wheel loaders for forestry and waste applications and for the transportation of corrosive material (e.g.: fertilizers, salt) and blocks of stone.  

Vicente Junior receives a Cat T-Shirt signed by engineers and wheel loaders assemblers at Caterpillar factory.