Designed for Safety and Performance | Cat® NGH

For 93 years, our design philosophy has been start with the customer first. That means helping customers improve their efficiency and lower their costs. But, more importantly, it means helping our customers keep operators and worksites safe.

The Cat® Next Generation Excavator (NGH) product team put safety first and foremost during the first major redesign of our excavators in 25 years. For example, these new excavators offer improved operator visibility on both the left and right sides of the machine, and they also have 360-degree cameras available.

Other available safety features include E-fence and E-ceiling. These features set parameters for how wide or high an excavator’s boom and front linkage can swing – which is especially useful while working near hazards such as power lines.

The redesign also prioritized operator comfort and functionality. Buttons, quick keys and joysticks are in front of the operator, so he or she doesn't have to do any twisting and turning around.

In this video, find out more about the NGH’s safety features, as well as additional technology that makes these excavators stand out from the competition.

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