Cat® GraderBits™ Are More Than a Bit Useful

Haul roads in northern Quebec are picturesque but difficult to maintain due to truck weight.

Private logging truck operators are paid by the ton, so they pack their 14-foot-wide trailers with wood – sometimes weighing up to 200 tons!

Francis Carrier, owner of Gestion NA Carrier: the customer who started it all.

Gestion NA Carrier operators ready to maintain the haul roads in northern Quebec.

November 8, 2017

Our new strategy makes it clear: We must deliver innovative solutions that provide the best value to our customers. And our Motor Grader Product Group gets it. That’s why they continue to promote the Cat® GraderBit™ edge system for motor graders working in remote, unpaved areas and in punishing applications like logging haul road maintenance. The innovative system, comprised of individual bits rather than one continuous blade, can take up to 20 times the punishment of our standard blade edges and is faster and easier to install, resulting in less down time.


The GraderBit system is perfect for Canadian customer, Gestion NA Carrier – a company maintaining haul roads in northern Quebec. Although not every customer needs the added power and versatility offered by GraderBits, the system is well suited for customers working in remote areas that rely on unpaved roads. Reps at the Toromont Cat dealer, noticed Gestion NA Carrier was frequently replacing edges on motor graders working in a secluded area near the logging community of La Tuque. Customers value longevity of edges because replacing them often means travel to a shop for the replacement – resulting in downtime, significant labor costs, and wasted operator time. In rare instances, edges are changed on the side of busy haul roads, creating serious safety concerns.

Researching the situation, Toromont Cat reps Real Dupont and Ronald Falardeau, discovered that La Tuque’s logging roads in the area were comprised of varying sizes of granite aggregate, causing the motor grader edges to wear quickly. The Toromont Cat Quebec team proposed a GraderBit edge system to the customer, and just one month after installation, the customer was reporting a 15 – 20 times cutting edge life improvement. Instead of frequently replacing edges, damaged bits were swapped out with new bits as needed – saving the customer time and money.


Excited about the possibility of helping even more customers in the Quebec area, the Toromont Cat Quebec team reached out to Caterpillar Aftermarket Solutions Representative Francois Gascon and Caterpillar Motor Grader Wear Parts Specialist Sean Hayes for help in spreading the word.

Earlier this year, the broader team traveled throughout Quebec, sharing the Gestion NA Carrier’s GraderBits success story with other customers. Using a high-tech 3D-printed adapter board to demonstrate the system brought the solution to life. The result? The team sold five sets of GraderBits in two weeks.


“The customers are pleased with the GraderBit performance and Toromont Cat Quebec continues to use the opportunity to build relationships with important customers, adding customer value and leading to incremental sales. It’s a win-win,” said Hayes.

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We must keep our customers running 24/7 to maintain the roads that make Quebec's logging industry possible.

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