Are you Caterpillar Smart?

Alright, Caterpillar fans, how well do you really know the company and brand you love?
Think you can score a 10 out of 10 on these fun quizes to prove how "Caterpillar Smart" you are?


toy machines toy machines

Caterpillar Smart Quiz #1

This one is for the history buffs. Let’s see how well you know some of our major milestones like, when did we change our paint color from gray to yellow? 

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turbine turbine

Caterpillar Smart Quiz #2

We’ve got some questions about our energy businesses in this quiz. Our biggest fans know we do more than make machines. 

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DT5222 DT5222

Caterpillar Smart Quiz #3

This quiz has a little of everything, so it’s a real test of your Caterpillar smarts. Are you up for the challenge? 

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historic machines historic machines

Caterpillar Smart Quiz #4

Ever heard of Alexander Botts or the Prudden-San Diego Airplane Company? If you know what these have to do with Caterpillar, this quiz is for you! 

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