Exceeding Expectations with Cat Reman

October 21, 2019

When a customer buys a Cat® Reman product, do they really expect it to be as good as new? Yes, of course, they do!  It’s still a Cat product, and there’s a quality expectation that goes with our name. 

How is it possible to bring old products back to life? Take 2 minutes to watch this video, and you’ll see exactly how it’s possible. 

Sometimes a reman product can even perform better than the original. That’s the case for an electric rope shovel crowd drive that was remanufactured at the Fargo, N.D., facility. For this particular product, we received a Dealer Service Request from Cat® dealer Sotreq in Brazil. Typically, Dealer Service Requests are used to submit inquiries related to warranty issues or other concerns from the field. This request was unusual because Sotreq wondered what we had done to improve the part’s performance so much!  

“This particular crowd drive has been performing better than expected,” the email read, specifically noting the low vibration rates and asking if modifications had been made to the product. 

How is this possible? 

Remanufacturing goes beyond refurbishing, reusing or rebuilding. Cat Reman products meet the same exacting specifications as new parts. Plus, they incorporate the latest engineering updates to ensure customers receive the performance and durability they expect from Caterpillar, life after life. 

That’s what happened with the crowd drive. In addition to the breathing new life into the product, upgrades were also made to reflect newer engineering specifications.  So, the customer received a Cat Reman crowd drive that performed even better than the original one that came in the electric rope shovel. 

Remanufacturing is amazing! Want to wow your friends and family with an overview of how it works? 

Cat Reman gives new life to used engines and components, using genuine Cat materials and backed by the same warranty as new Cat parts.  We start by taking “core” material returned by dealers. We then disassemble each component to the lowest level piece part. The individual parts are then cleaned. Next is a rigorous inspection against the latest engineering specifications to assess precisely what salvage technologies are needed to return the parts to same-as-when-new performance. 

The result?  A cost-effective product that works—often better than our customers expect. We’ll call that a win for remanufacturing!  

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