Are You Caterpillar Smart? Take 2!

February 7, 2018

All right, Caterpillar fans, we're giving you another chance to show how well you really know the company and brand you love!  Test your knowledge and see if you can score a 10 out of 10 on this fun quiz to prove how "Caterpillar Smart" you are.  (Answers provided at the bottom of the quiz.)

1. Cat® diesel engines are famous on land for their dependability and economy, but in what year could boat owners buy Caterpillar engines specifically designed for use on the water?

A: 1938

B: 1971

C: 2002

D: 1954

2. Solar Turbines ranks as a world leader in industrial turbines up to 25,000 hp and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc. Its turbine systems provide rugged, reliable power for base-load electricity, cogeneration and standby power. How many gas turbine systems have been sold? 

A: 2,500

B: 15,000

C: 10,000

D: 7,500

3. From our very beginning in 1925, Caterpillar has built the equipment that has helped build a better world. We sell more than ___ products under ___ brand names. 

A: 700 products and 15 brand names

B: 850 products and 10 brand names

C: 500 products and 8 brand names

D: 300 products and 21 brand names 

4. Our Construction Industries segment manufactures earthmoving, excavation and building construction products.  Together with our dealers, how many active Construction Industries machines in the field does Caterpillar support?  

A: 1.4 million

B: 500,000 

C: 2 million

D: 770,000

5.  At Caterpillar, we have the world's largest autonomous fleet. That autonomous technology is at work today in some of the largest mines throughout the world, and our customers have used our machines to safely move more than  ___ tons of materials.

A: 350 million

B: 700 million 

C: 2 million

D: 3 billion

6. In 2017, Caterpillar celebrated 92 years in service of customers, but several of our brands also reached some major milestones. Solar Turbines celebrated ___ years, Perkins celebrated ___ years, and MWM is closing in on ___ years in business.

A: 50 years, 65 years, 15 years

B: 100 years, 80 years, 75 years

C: 90 years, 85 years, 150 years

D: 40 years, 15 years, 100 years

7. Caterpillar is a global company and we always have an engine plant in operation 24/7, 365 days a year, producing an engine every ___ minutes. 

A: 30 minutes

B: 90 minutes

C: 10 minutes

D: 2 minutes

8.  Through our remanufacturing and repair processes, we have recycled over ___ tons of scrap metal since 2010, just 1 example of how we're integrating sustainability into our core business.

A: 2 million

B: 6 million

C: 1,000

D: 5 billion

9. The Caterpillar Foundation impacts people through our non-profit partners’ work on the ground to directly address the root causes of poverty. Since 2013, we have worked to put more than ___ people on the path to prosperity.

A: 14.5 million

B: 3.6 million

C: 38.6 million

D: 956,000

10.  We have 172 dealers and over 150,000 employees who interact with our customers everyday – almost ___ of those dealer employees are focused on in-field support of our customers.  

A: 77,000

B: 145,000

C: 90,000

D: 30,000



1. Answer: A. 1938.  The marine engines were ruggedly constructed and designed to handle continuous heavy loads. And because of their inherent simplicity, they could be serviced and maintained by any type of operator. Today, Caterpillar is the largest manufacturer of diesel engines, and the marine industry’s leading provider of medium- and high-speed marine diesel engines, propulsion solutions and vessel monitoring.

2. Answer: B. 15,000. The company has sold more than 15,000 gas turbine systems, which are operating on land and offshore to provide rugged, reliable power for base-load electricity, cogeneration and standby power; producing, processing and transporting natural gas and oil; and marine propulsion.

3. Answer: D. We sell more than 300 products under 21 brand names, and you will see our equipment at work all over the world on land and at sea. Our diverse, skilled workforce designs and manufactures the products that have made Caterpillar among the most widely recognized and respected brands for almost 100 years.

4. Answer: A. 1.4 million active machines are in the field today, helping a wide range of customers get the job done in everything from general construction to heavy construction, quarry and aggregates, paving, ag and landscaping, and specialty markets like industrial and waste and forestry just to name a few. 

5. Answer: B. 700 million ... and growing every hour! These machines make smart use of technology and services to improve our customers' jobsite efficiency.

6. Answer: C. 90 years, 85 years, 150 years. Solar Turbines celebrated 90 years, Perkins celebrated 85 years, and MWM is closing in on 150 years. We're proud of the milestones among these strong brands – and even more of their rich history of strong customer relationships. 

7. Answer: D. 2 minutes. 

8. Answer: B. 6 million. Cat Reman parts purchased through Cat dealers give customers more options at repair and overhaul time.

9. Answer: C. 38.6 million. As the company works to build a stable societal infrastructure, the Caterpillar Foundation is focused on building human infrastructure through strategic investments and collaborations focused on alleviating poverty and making sustainable, scalable progress possible for all. 

10. Answer: A. 77,000. These employees may be found at a remote mine site in Australia – maintaining the equipment, making sure it's ready for the go line and optimizing uptime for the customer. They're marine technicians servicing equipment in a vessel at any port, wherever that marine vessel decides to harbor. And they're driving out to a dairy farm to service a skid steer loader. All doing what's needed to provide support for our customers. 

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