Are you Caterpillar Smart?

Alright, Caterpillar fans, how well do you really know the company and brand you love? Think you can score a 10 out of 10 on this fun quiz to prove how "Caterpillar Smart" you are?

1. What companies merged to form Caterpillar? (select all that apply)

A. C.L. Best Manufacturing Co.

B. Holt Manufacturing Company

C. Daniel Best Manufacturing Company

D. All of the above

E. None of the above

Answer 1: A&B - The C.L. Best Manufacturing Co. and the Holt Manufacturing Company merged to form Caterpillar in 1925. The Daniel Best Manufacturing Company was purchased by the Holt Manufacturing Company at an earlier date.

2.   What year did Caterpillar change its paint color from gray to yellow?

A. 1925

B. 1930

C. 1931

D. 1942

Answer 2: C – In 1931 Caterpillar changed its paint color from gray to yellow.

3.   Which products listed below were introduced at Caterpillar in the 1940s? (select all that apply)

A. Diesel tractor 

B. Wheel Tractor

C. Bulldozer blade

D. Pull-type scraper

E. None of the above

F. All of the above

Answer 3: B, C and D - Caterpillar came out with its first diesel tractor in 1931 - the Caterpillar Diesel Sixty Tractor. In 1941 Caterpillar introduced its first wheel tractor. The bulldozer blade was designed and built in 1945. It wasn't until 1946 when Caterpillar built the pull-type scraper. 

4.   In what year did Caterpillar sell its first 797 Off-Highway Mining Truck?

A. 1999

B. 2010

C. 1989

D. 1993

Answer 4: A - In 1999 Caterpillar sold its first 797 Off-Highway Mining Truck.

5.   Since 2003 our recordable injury frequency (RIF) has improved by what percentage?

A. 67%

B. 73%

C. 86%

D. 91%

Answer 5: D - Since 2003, our RIF has improved by 91%. Initiatives at many of our locations continue to positively impact our safety results.

6.   By the end of 2016, there were over ______ Cat® connected assets.

A. 470,000

B. 390,000

C. 640,000

D. 520,000

Answer 6: A – As of the end of December 2016, we have over 470,000 Cat connected assets. We have our customers in mind! Our Cat(R) Connect Technology and Services are continually advancing and ready to support our customers through connecting entire work sites through a single network and being able to provide data back to us so we can better understand our customer needs and offer solutions.

7.   The Caterpillar brand has been around for over 90 years and represents the corporate entity. How many brands does Caterpillar represent?

A. 12

B. 15

C. 19

D. 21

Answer 7: D - There are 21 brands of Caterpillar. You can learn more about each of our brands on

8.   As of December 2016, Caterpillar has ___ independent Cat dealers and serves ____ countries.

A. 175 dealers and 160 countries

B. 173 dealers and 174 countries

C. 172 dealers and 190 countries

D. 170 dealers and 184 countries

Answer 8: C - As of December 2016, we had 172 independent Cat dealers, and Caterpillar serves 190 different countries.

9.   What year was Caterpillar's initial listing on the New York Stock Exchange?

A. 1931

B. 1927

C. 1925

D. 1929

Answer 9: D - Caterpillar became publicly traded as a listing on the New York Stock Exchange in 1929.

10.   Since 1952, how much money has the Caterpillar Foundation contributed to alleviate global poverty and make sustainable progress possible?

A. Over $685 million 

B. Over $475 million

C. Over $595 million

D. Over $635 million

Answer 10: A - The Caterpillar Foundation has contributed over $685 million to help alleviate global poverty and make sustainable progress since 1952.

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