9 Major Moments from SEM’s 60 Years

July 5, 2018

In 1958, the SEM brand was born. With only 22 employees working in eight straw houses and five open sheds, no one imagined that it would grow to become an international brand producing four prime products and serving customers in more than 80 countries today.

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we recognize this brand’s importance to our customers.  SEM customers prioritize initial acquisition cost over long-term total cost of ownership – making this product the cornerstone of our utility segment. The products meet or exceed regional industry requirements for quality and reliability so customers can keep focused on their work. Customers also receive steady support from the SEM dealer network in China and Cat® dealer-owned SEM dealers outside of China when needed.


In 1977, SEM trial-produced the first JZ425 wheel loader to meet the urgent trend of increasing infrastructure construction across China.
In 1980, SEM and the Tianjin Engineering Machinery Academe jointly developed the first scrap loader grasper.
In 1998, SEM independently developed the F series models. The streamlined appearance design, wide field cab, advanced hydraulic system and excellent performance drew great attention from the industry.
In March 2003, SEM began its association with the global industry leader, Caterpillar and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar in 2008.
In 2010, SEM soil compactor entered the market. This machine adopted Cat’s patented pod-type vibration system, improving the life of vibration bearings, extending maintenance intervals and effectively reducing maintenance costs.
The SEM motorgrader was introduced in 2011. It has the core technology of a Cat motorgrader, especially on hydraulic systems and key structural components.
In 2012, the SEM Track-type tractor came into the market with leading hydrostatic technology. With hydrostatic steering, the operator doesn’t need to brake before shifting and can quickly turn around with a load, saving power and fuel and improving work performance.
To further enhance the SEM brand, Caterpillar approved the endorsement “SEM - A Caterpillar Brand" in 2016. As a strategic utility brand of Caterpillar, SEM leverages Caterpillar product development processes and proven technology.
From building airports to laying road, SEM products support multiple applications. Most recently, SEM products have been essential to the success of China’s Belt & Road Initiative.


Shandong Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Caterpillar in 2008.Learn more about SEM products on their website.

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