75 Years Strong: Cat® Dealer Ferreyros Celebrating Major Milestones

December 4, 2017

It is rare when a company can celebrate the better part of a century being in business, and not just by surviving but thriving. Which is why it was important for Cat dealer Ferreyros® and its parent company, Ferrycorp®, to take time recently to celebrate with its employees, customers and Caterpillar executives including CEO Jim Umpleby. 

Umpleby, along with Customer & Dealer Support Group President Rob Charter and Americas & Europe Distribution Vice President Phil Kelliher joined Ferreyros’ leaders and employees at their facility in Lima, Peru to honor two important anniversaries—the founding of Ferryros 95 years ago and becoming a Cat dealer 75 years ago. This significant milestone underscores the importance of Caterpillar's collaborative working relationship with its dealers, distributors and suppliers.

An Important Market

“Peru is an important market for Caterpillar, and we are optimistic about the future of the country’s economy. We see the development potential of sectors such as mining and infrastructure construction, which are so relevant to the country’s strategic growth,” said Umpleby. 

Ferreyros was founded in 1922 by Enrique Ferreyros Ayulo and three partners, in order to commercialize consumer products and in 1942, the company started its activities in the the capital goods business as a Cat dealer. Today, Ferreyros has more than 6,000 employees and annual sales of over $1.5 billion and provides a wide range of customer solutions including machines, engines, components and services in Peru and other territories in the Americas.

“Our company has grown and evolved, overcoming crisis and economic cycles both global and national,” said Oscar Espinosa, Ferrycorp CEO. “Our designation as a Caterpillar distributor 75 years ago represents an important milestone in our life, bringing us not only products of undisputed quality, but also its business principles, solid commercial practices and its customer-oriented focus.”

Strong Values and Vision for the Future

Espinosa highlighted the expansion of their company over the decades, originally founded by a small group of Peruvian entrepreneurs. Umpleby remarked on the company’s values and vision for the future. 

“We recognize their excellence and highlight the progress they have shown in terms of connectivity and digitalization in this era of technological revolution,” said Umpleby. “It’s been a strong team effort for 75 years and it will keep going strong for 75 more, at least.” 

Ferroyros' expertise and capabilities have helped make the Cat dealer network the best in the world—a competitive advantage and differentiator for our products and services, with everyone's focus on making customers more successful with Cat and its dealers than with our competitors.