PODCAST: Navigating the Unknown During a Remarkable Year

(Editor’s Note: This podcast recording took place on October 8, 2020. During the conversation, there is a reference to the EAME region slowing returning to normal. Please note that since then, the pandemic situation in Europe has changed with a second wave of COVID-19 cases.)   
Strength. Endurance. Communicating and connecting. All the while, keeping the lifeblood of the business flowing as a global pandemic unfolds. These are some of the things Caterpillar vice president Nigel Lewis has been thinking a lot about these last nine months. Lewis leads the EAME Distribution Services Division. It is an organization that covers a large region with a diverse customer base. In this Beyond The Iron podcast, Lewis talks about how his team has responded to this year’s extraordinary events. Lewis also touches on the leadership lessons he’s learned about strength, endurance, and the importantance of maintaining personal connections during trying times. 

Program Guide (21:05 total run time)   
1:20 – A conversation seven months in the making 

2:30 – Navigating the unknown and asking the right questions 
5:00 – Staying safe, adapting, and keeping the lifeblood of the business flowing 
8:30 – Doing the work to maintain balance and seeking positive energy 
12:20 – Pandemic or not, knowing what our priorities are, with the customer in mind 
14:50 – Tapping into the power of personal connections 
17:45 – Leadership lessons about strength, endurance, and taking care of each other