#ICYMI 2016: Innovation

Every day, all day, there's no shortage of news and information coming at us from all directions. Emails. Social media. Search engines. Online and print newspapers. Magazines and newsletters. And hopefully caterpillar.com!

It's really difficult to keep up with it all, but we've got you covered. We've rounded up our 10 most popular innovation stories published this year … in case you missed them when they were first published.

The Age of Smart Iron

We believe digital solutions will improve productivity, efficiency safety and profitability for customers. At bauma Munich 2016, the world's largest construction trade show, we unveiled our strategy to be the industry leader in bringing those solutions to customers. Hear more from Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman about our digital strategy and our bauma 2016 exhibit.

Introducing Caterpillar's Digital DNA

What happens when you combine diesel, data and digital expertise? You get "Caterpillar's Digital DNA." In this series of videos, learn why Caterpillar Ventures is investing in or collaborating with technology startups, why we're diving into digital data from drones, how our engineers translate data from zeroes and ones into English, how we test software on autonomous dozers, and how our customer relationships guide our digital strategy.

All Eyes on Technology

"Ultimately, our challenges are about doing what is best for customers at all times and right now," said Caterpillar Chief Information Officer and Vice President Julie Legacy in this Q&A. Find out about her background, her top priorities and the biggest challenges facing CIOs today.


At MINExpo International, we highlighted technological innovations that drive customer success. Several of our executives attended the trade show to meet with customers and dealers. Resource Industries Group President Denise Johnson was the chairperson of the show. She noted optimism in the miners at the show. CEO Doug Oberhelman spoke about the importance of Caterpillar's investments in mining technology, and Group President Rob Charter talked about the energy of customers, dealers and employees.


We're joining Bechtel, Brick and Mortar Ventures and Bradley University to sponsor NASA's latest Centennial Challenge – the 3-D-Printed Habitat Challenge. The competitors will develop technology capable of printing a habitat that could be used for deep space exploration. This challenge isn't the first time we've partnered with NASA. Learn about our other collaborations in this video.


XPRIZE is a world-renowned non-profit organization that uses competition to incentivize research. This year, Caterpillar announced a partnership with XPRIZE to drive research toward assistive technologies for ALS, or Lou Gherig's Disease. In early 2016, former Caterpillar group president Ed Rapp announced his retirement and shared the heartbreaking news that he is currently battling ALS. This October, XPRIZE deemed Caterpillar's project as ready to launch. Our Cat's Iron Will ALS XPRIZE will pair humans and machines, a concept very familiar to Caterpillar.


In the railroad industry, time isn't just money. Time is everything. That's why Progress Rail introduced EMD Uptime, a predictive analytics platform that will transform the rail industry. Learn how in this article.


When people think about where innovation happens, they usually think of Silicon Valley. But we think the Midwest is at the epicenter of innovation. Don't believe us? Check out caterpillar.com/chi.


"Our 3-D printing future is exciting – from castings to parts to other larger possibilities," said Oberhelman at the grand opening of our 3-D Printing and Innovation Accelerator. In this article, learn about the new Innovation Accelerator, Additive Manufacturing Factory and Cat® MicroFoundry in Mossville, Illinois.


Normally, when we talk about 3-D printing, it's printing a part or a tool. But what if we could print something lifesaving? How about a heart? Find out how our engineers at our new Additive Manufacturing Factory helped cardiologists from OSF St. Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Illinois, 3-D print hearts.


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It’s really difficult to keep up with all of the news coming at us every day, but we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up the top Caterpillar announcements and stories of the year … in case you missed them.

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