It’s incredible to see our machines and engines in action. But, it’s the people who make all of this possible. Our customers, dealers, suppliers and employees are working to build a better world – whether it’s improving the communities where we live and work, helping a team member or creating opportunities for others to succeed, our people are doers. They’re committed, passionate and ready to make a difference. 

We are proud of our remarkable people doing incredible things and hope these stories inspire you to get involved and use your passion, time and talent to help build a better world.  

A Tractor Named Hetzel 

This is the story of a special relationship between Caterpillar employees that transcends time. 

Miracle Man 

When this Progress Rail employee’s heart stopped, miracles started

Building the Next Generation of STEMinist 

Jobs in STEM fields often go unfilled – and it’s a major concern. We’re tackling the issue in many ways, including helping making sure all students remain inspired and motivated to stick with STEM studies

A Place for the Pups 

Our Waco Work Tools Distribution Center is helping build a better world for pups – one empty shipping crate at a time.

Committing to Global Goals 

The Caterpillar Foundations is working to help advance the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Here’s why it matters.

Redefining the Industry for Future Generations 

We strive to celebrate the people who do what it takes to make a mark no matter their gender, appearance or background. There is a future generation of world builders eager to learn and to drive our businesses forward.

Embracing Flexibility: Meet Erin 

Growing a Career: Meet Keldon 

Giving Back: Meet John 

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