Q&A with Brad Halverson: Providing the World with the Products it Needs

"From day one, Caterpillar has been a free-trade company. Ninety-five percent of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S., and it’s essential that we have access to those markets." - Brad Halverson, Group President & CFO

An in depth Q&A with Brad was featured in a recent edition of the Peoria-based magazine, InterBusiness Issues, centered on finance.  He discusses everything from how his parents' work ethic influenced his life, to some key experiences that impacted his career at Caterpillar, to his thoughts on some of today's biggest issues impacted the world of finance across the globe. 

"I am truly thankful, as a kid who grew up in Delavan, Illinois, to have been given a chance to work for a company as amazing as Caterpillar. Reflecting back on my career, to know I’ve been a part of a company that has made such a positive difference in our world is humbling, to say the least."

Read Brad's full interview in InterBusines Issues for more.

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