The #GivingTuesday Series: Celebrating Volunteerism at Caterpillar

In conjunction with #GivingTuesday and International Volunteer Day, we’re celebrating our employees who give back to their communities through volunteerism. #GivingTuesday, initially recognized in the United States on the first Tuesday in December, has become a global movement that celebrates and supports giving and philanthropy throughout the year. International Volunteer Day, recognized on December 5, was established by the United Nations to recognize the work and the profound impact achieved by volunteers and volunteerism.

Meet Thomas Aguilar – Morton, Illinois

“Anytime I give back to the community, I always grow personally – as an individual, a leader, a spouse and a father – this work makes me a better person little by little.”

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Meet Daniela Turco and George Bahnke – Panama

“Panama has experienced tremendous growth this past decade, but education has been left behind. As a true social citizen, Caterpillar Panama has a role to play in driving change.”

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Meet Mary Scott Thorne – Nashville, Tennessee

“I don’t feel like I can change the world, but I can make small changes that hopefully better the lives of others … two hours a week is pretty insignificant in the scheme of things.”

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Meet Clarence Ray – Clayton, Ohio

“In order to have a community that’s worth living in, you must be a part of the solution by giving back. A community is only as strong as its citizens.”

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