Q&A: Pablo Koziner LIVE on Solar Turbines and Leadership


Joining the podcast is Pablo Koziner, Caterpillar Vice President and President of Solar Turbines Incorporated, a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar. Hear Pablo talk in front of a live audience about leadership, culture and what differentiates Solar Turbines from its competitors.

You have been leading Solar Turbines since 2015 - tell us a little about Solar and its business

"Solar has an amazing history, 91 years in existence. Through its history it has innovated and transformed itself many times over. The name of the company makes for a fun conversation - it started as an aircraft company and migrated over to industrial gas turbines. It's jet engine technology but for industrial purposes to power compressors, pumps and generators. What the company really does is solve energy problems for customers.

Talk about culture at Solar Turbines, and your role in how that culture develops

It's one word: passion. You walk the halls of Solar, you engage with our people and you get a feeling of high commitment, passion and love of the business. There's a spirit of one team, everybody plays a role in the success of the company. First and foremost I have to earn my spot every day. I walked into a company that has a very high performance bar and that's something that I think about all the time. 

What differentiates Solar Turbines from its major competitors?

Solar is winning every day and we enjoy great market leadership. I love competing with great companies and winning. We operate as a standalone, end-to-end business - the way we operate is very much like a family company. What customers experience with Solar is great quality products, but also a high ease of doing business.


Listen to the podcast to hear more from Pablo Koziner. Show highlights are listed in the program guide below.

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Program Guide:

  • 1:50 - About Pablo's transition to Caterpillar and his multicultural upbringing
  • 7:10 - Leading Caterpillar's Solar Turbines business, Pablo talks about this wholly-owned subsidiary and brand.
  • 10:50 - How Solar creates an enabling environment for all Solar employees
  • 12:50 - After a 2017 Caterpillar strategy refresh, Pablo discusses how Solar aligns with Caterpillar enterprise strategy
  • 17:00 - Hear Pablo's unique perspective on interactions with dealers and customers
  • 18:40 - THIS OR THAT SEGMENT - hear Pablo agonize in having to choose between singing or dancing, skiing or snowboarding and more
  • 20:25 - Influences: "My wife has been the person who has probably shaped me the most," Pablo shares how his wife has helped him grow personally and professionally.
    • 25:40 - What differentiates Solar Turbines from some of its big competitors?
    • 28:45 - What advice would you give to your younger self?
    • 32:20 - What has been your most exciting or most fun job at Caterpillar?
  • 37:01 - How Employee Resource Groups make an impact at Caterpillar

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