PODCAST: At The Table With Dealers

November 9, 2017

As VP of Americas & Europe Distribution Division, Phil Kelliher is all about Cat dealers. He joins the podcast to discuss learning to build successful relationships with dealers, learning about safety on the farm and Caterpillar's new Dealer Interface Project.

"For anyone that's been a district manager, they'd say that was one of their favorite job experiences. I think the luxury you get in that role is you get to be the point person for the dealer principal that gets to talk with them and work with them on their overall business and be their key confidant from a Caterpillar perspective. 

Even before his role as a district manager, Phil's upbringing on a farm in Australia taught him important professional leadership lessons, including the importance of safety. 

Also, listen to the podcast to hear Phil talk about Caterpillar's updated strategy in relationship to dealers, and how Caterpillar is reducing the complexity for dealers working with different groups within Caterpillar. One result? The Leadership Table.

Show highlights are listed in the program guide below.

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Program Guide

1:35 - Phil talks about his upbringing on a farm in the Melbourne area of Australia

5:30 - "My first opportunity to act as a leader in a professional environment was on the farm"

6:27 - Phil's passion for safety - which led to creating a project around improving dealer safety - stems from some personal experiences working on a farm

8:00 - Phil describes early Caterpillar roles in Cat of Australia, marketing of medium wheel loaders, as a district rep and eventually became a district manager. "It was a lot of fun and I really loved the work."

13:00 - On being a district manager: "I think the luxury you get in that role is you get to be the point person for the dealer principal that gets to talk with them and ultimately be their key confidant"

17:10 - On managing dealer relationships, including the new Dealer Interface Project or Leadership Tables

22:10 - The story of a vice president that pulled Phil aside early in his career to give some great career advice

25:20 - Phil reveals his plans for returning to the farm at some point, including his machine preferences

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