PODCAST: A Cutting Edge Career in Digital

February 27, 2019

Take a look at Ogi Redzic’s resume. With his extensive background in the auto and mobile communications industries, you might wonder how and why he joined Caterpillar – in many ways a much different business than Redzic’s prior companies. Before joining the company in mid 2018 as vice president of Caterpillar’s Digital Division, Redzic spent multiple years working for mobile technology manufacturer Nokia and led Renault-Nissan’s connected vehicles and mobility services. In this latest Caterpillar Podcast, Redzic talks to host Rusty Dunn about embedding digital technology deeper into Caterpillar’s machines and global operations – and how his “builder” mentality translates well into a business not traditionally considered high tech.   

PROGRAM GUIDE/HIGHLIGHTS (Total run-time 20:05)

2:55 – Serbian by birth, Chicagoan by heart

5:00 – Ogi’s career as a ‘car guy’ and working on the driverless experience

7:15 – Navigating the learning curve from cars to the construction industry

9:50 – On the front lines in the war to get the best digital talent

12:25 – The digital vision for Cat customers and being better than the rest

14:00 – No bricks and mortar here, but bring on the builder mentality

16:50 – So what does success look like?

17:45 – Favorite jobs and a milestone moment going driverless in Japan

19:15 – Experiencing the world with his children

Want to learn a little more about Ogi Redzic’s background? Check out Ogi’s bio here. And he recently spoke to the Chicago Tribune about Caterpillar growing its digital team and the work they’re doing to embed technology deeper into its operations and equipment.