PODCAST: Meet the Conductor of Akashi

Nobumi Toyoura is not a musician. He has never led an orchestra. But you could say he is a conductor. As the general manager of operations at the Caterpillar Excavation Division’s Akashi manufacturing plant, Toyoura does plenty of directing on a daily basis. An engineer by training, you might be surprised to learn that Caterpillar is the first and only company Toyoura has worked for – with 30 years to his credit! Yet his professional path has been a unique one as Toyoura talks about treating everyday as a learning experience. In this latest edition of the Caterpillar Podcast, Toyoura sits down with host Rusty Dunn to share his career journey and what it’s like to be in charge of running what is considered to be the company’s flagship manufacturing facility for hydraulic excavators. 

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PROGRAM GUIDE (21:01 total run time)

2:00 – Born in Japan and growing up in the US

3:05 – A Caterpillar career begins in Akashi

5:20 – Respecting history with the birth of Japan’s first hydraulic excavator 

7:15 – How Akashi becomes the “mother campus”

9:18 – Learning to be a conductor

11:50 – When adversity can strengthen an organization

15:45 – The advantages of a local but global workforce

17:00 – Next Gen excavators rolling off the line

18:45 – Living and working in a growing coastal city


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