Behind the Mic, Behind the Iron: The Caterpillar Podcast

September 30, 2020

The Caterpillar Podcast represents an inside view into the minds of the doers, dreamers and innovators who make up Caterpillar. Hosted by Rusty Dunn, members of Team Caterpillar from all parts of the enterprise have used the Caterpillar Podcast as an opportunity to share their wisdom, experience and anecdotes with the world. With many to choose from, Rusty selected his top five favorite clips that inspired him and listeners to do the work that matters to build a better world.

  1. Jay Walton, General Manager of Caterpillar Defense, shares a powerful example of Caterpillar dozers saving lives during battle: Listen Here.
  2. Asha Varghese, President of the Caterpillar Foundation, talks about the influence her upbringing in India and rural Kentucky has on her world view and vision for the Foundation’s efforts: Listen Here.
  3. Justin Ganschow of Caterpillar Safety Services tells stories of a well-intentioned but misguided lesson in workplace safety: Listen Here.
  4. Wendi Gentry-Stuenkel, Director of Integrated Logistics, talks about the power of truly listening to people: Listen Here.
  5. Karl Weiss, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, explains his 90-day rule when it comes to a new job or a major assignment: Listen Here.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the powerful moments captured during one of the Caterpillar Podcast recordings. Check out the full library here or wherever you stream your podcasts.

Beyond the Iron: The Caterpillar Podcast