Illinois Legal Aid Online Recognizes Legal Services Division

On May 27, Caterpillar’s Legal Services Division received the 2014 Early Adopter Award and Jim Buda, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer was in attendance to accept the award on behalf of the division. The Early Adopter Award, sponsored by Illinois Legal Aid Online (ILAO), honors innovators in the legal field. Early Adopters are credited with implementing new ideas, policies, products or technology. Through the award, the ILAO recognizes those who embrace change and influence societal transformation through visionary thinking.

Caterpillar’s Legal Services Division has a reputation for being one of the best law departments in the country, and the pro bono program continues to receive recognition in the legal community as demonstrated with the Early Adopter Award.

 “When we talk about Commitment at Caterpillar, we not only talk about Our Values in Action, we refer to our commitment in the workplace to develop the best products and services for our customers, and that includes legal forms and the necessary documentation needed for legal services,” said Buda. “We are especially committed to improving access to the various legal services through technology and online resources.”

Caterpillar’s legal professionals have provided thousands of hours of free legal services to people in need around the world through our pro bono program.  The program is completely voluntary and yet every year more team members are signing up to help others.

The pro bono program provides legal services to those in the community who are often unable to afford to hire a legal professional. Not only does the program hold clinics in local communities where Legal Services Division employees are located worldwide, the employees are proud to provide this volunteer legal assistance. 

The legal team regularly undertakes a wide range of individual matters including wills, divorces, orders of protection, adoptions, 501(c)(3) organization, small claims, debt collections, intellectual property matters, and employment issues as part of the pro bono work. Division employees also staff a number of free clinics in the global communities where we live and work.

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