The Power of Possible: Caterpillar at CES 2024

January 8, 2024

CES has been called the most powerful tech event in the world. So why is Caterpillar attending CES 2024? Science fiction-like tech may get the most media attention, but Caterpillar is showcasing how our technologies and solutions can solve real-world problems today – not years in the future. 

On this Beyond the Iron podcast, Senior Vice President Rod Shurman talks about why it makes sense to be at CES and how we’re showcasing our machines and energy solutions to meet the evolving needs of Cat customers as they electrify their job sites.   

Also, check out our Caterpillar at CES page for more on the exhibit and the solutions we’re showcasing at the event.  

PROGRAM GUIDE (11:21 total run time)    
Guest: Rod Shurman, Senior Vice President, Electrification + Energy Solutions Division  
1:31 – Why does it make sense for Caterpillar to have an exhibit at CES?     
4:29 – What’s the elevator speech describing the company’s showcase?   
5:57– A key message? Caterpillar’s powerful combination of technologies and expertise 
7:50 – Not shying away from customer pain points 
9:29 – How is what we’re offering, different from our competitors?