Beyond the Iron: Reigniting an Iconic Engine Brand 

December 5, 2023

In the world of industrial power, its brand is a globally trusted, household name. Next to Caterpillar, it counts as one of the two most iconic engine brands in our industry – Perkins. The Industrial Power Systems Division (IPSD) carries the responsibility for both. Each brand has a clear role to play, and both are important to the business. In this episode, IPSD Senior Vice President Steve Ferguson talks with Beyond the Iron podcast host Rusty Dunn about the recent Perkins brand reignition, and what it means for one of the world’s leading suppliers of off-highway power solutions.  
PROGRAM GUIDE (16:44 total run time)    
Guest: Steve Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Industrial Power Systems Division  
1:51 – One division. Two brands. 
3:04 – What the Perkins brand represents for IPSD’s business.  
4:52 – The right time for reignition. 
7:05 – What’s changing – and what isn’t. 
9:22 – Any concerns about changing the Perkins brand and impacting its legacy? 
10:58 – The Perkins brand promise. 
12:54 – What customers and distributors are saying. 
14:13 – Staying forward-focused and remaining the leader in sustainable power solutions.