Beyond the Iron: Meet Caterpillar’s 21st Century Talent Hunter

December 5, 2023

In today’s competitive business landscape, the foundation of any successful company lies in its strategic and innovative approach to talent management. It’s a nice way of saying Caterpillar is competing hard against other companies to recruit and hire the best people to start a career here. But a few things have changed from how it was done in the past.

Meet Roshny Archer, Caterpillar’s 21st-century talent hunter. In this episode of Beyond the Iron, hear more about Caterpillar’s approach – and what makes the Caterpillar experience unique.  

PROGRAM GUIDE (16:59 total run time)     
Guest: Roshny Archer, Caterpillar Vice President of Talent Management   
2:20 – She’s worked at different companies in different industries. Why is Caterpillar different?     
5:15 – Talent management. But what does it actually mean?  
7:49 – It’s easy to tell an employee to be their best. It’s harder to do.  
10:20 – The one thing many leaders underestimate, at their peril.  
13:33 – It’s a great time to be at Caterpillar. Here’s a few good reasons.  
15:40 – How is it possible we’re still the industry’s best-kept secret?