Beyond the Iron: Performing Today to Transform the Future

April 6, 2023

It’s said that sports can be symbolic of life, and Pam Heminger’s family is grounded in hockey. Her husband is a former National Hockey League player and three of their four children are high-level players. Developing skills on the ice – teamwork, discipline, tenacity – can apply in life and career. These are the lessons that Heminger uses in her role as senior vice president of Caterpillar’s Strategic Procurement & Planning Division.

A pandemic, inflation and ongoing geopolitical conflicts are challenges that have put procurement and supply chain management to the test. In this new episode of Caterpillar’s Beyond The Iron podcast, Heminger talks with host Rusty Dunn about the world of procurement and supply chain management – and her organization’s opportunity to give Caterpillar a competitive advantage on a global scale.  
PROGRAM GUIDE (23:40 total run time)    
Guest: Senior Vice President Pam Heminger, Strategic Procurement & Planning Division   
2:05 – Onboarding at Caterpillar as a global pandemic unfolds 
4:10 – Explaining the role of the ecosystem connecting the complete supply network 
6:30 – Honing the process to perform and transform 
11:01 – Candid conversations and maximum transformation 
15:05 – Nothing else works without strong supplier relationships 
16:15 – Procurement skills are in demand, and it’s never boring 
19:50 – A family grounded in hockey taking lessons off the ice for success in life and career