PODCAST: Caterpillar Interns Making an Impact

August 17, 2022

Modern internships aren’t how they are often portrayed in the movies and televsion. Grunt work. Fetching coffee. Working for free at all hours. You might say it’s not your parents’ internship experience! Caterpillar offers a robust, rewarding and dynamic internship program – introducing hundreds of college students to the “real world” of meaningful work, collaboration, problem-solving and much more. In this special Beyond The Iron podcast, host Rusty Dunn sits down with three first-time Caterpillar interns to hear their experiences and unique stories about what it’s like moving from the classroom to corporate life.

PROGRAM GUIDE (24:32 total run time) 

Featured Guests: 

Austin Clark, University of Illinois Champaign 
Eliane Nasr, Bradley University 
Adam Peterson, Purdue University

3:30 – What brought you to Caterpillar and an interest in doing an internship with the company? 
6:41 – Knowing what you know now, what’s surprised you most about working here? 
8:08 – What would you say to someone who’s considering applying for an internship? 
10:00 – Talk about the experience of transitioning from the classroom to a corporate setting? 
13:03 – Where do you see Caterpillar going in the future?  
16:25 – What’s one thing you’ve learned during your internship that will help you going forward? 
17:44 – Is there one experience you were excited to share with your family or friends? 
20:27 – Looking in a crystal ball, where do you see yourself going next at Caterpillar?