PODCAST: The Caterpillar Foundation Celebrates 70 Years

August 8, 2022

It started in 1952 with a small monetary gift to a local firehouse. 70 years later, the Caterpillar Foundation has surpassed $850 million in giving, and on its way to the $900 million mark by the end of this year. But the Foundation’s story goes way beyond its monetary contributions over the decades. Its philanthropic impact on people and communities around the globe is helping the Caterpillar Foundation chart its course for the future and where it needs to go. 

In this new Beyond The Iron podcast, you’ll hear from three people who share keen insights into the world of corporate philanthropy, as well as how the largest conservation organization in the world is partnering with the Foundation to tackle the big issues impacting millions of people.

Program Guide (38:08 total run time)

Rusty Dunn, Beyond the Iron podcast host 
Asha Varghese, Caterpillar Foundation President 
Kathryn Karol, Caterpillar Vice President of Global Government & Corporate Affairs 
David Banks, Chief Conservation Officer at The Nature Conservancy 
1:40 – (Asha) The Caterpillar Foundation was founded in 1952. Tell us the origin story. 
4:40 – (Asha) What are the priority areas of focus for Cat Foundation giving?  
9:34 – (Asha) Disaster relief is a major pillar for the Foundation. How is support given in this area? 
11:30 – (Asha) Why are Caterpillar employees so important to the Foundation’s mission? 
13:03 – (Kathryn) How does Caterpillar harness the passion it takes to do this right? 
14:32 – (Kathryn) Talk about the strong connection between the Foundation and sustainability. 
17:15 – (Asha) How have the Foundation’s investments aligned with sustainable initiatives globally? 
23:50 – (Kathryn) What do you want everyone to know about the Caterpillar Foundation? 
26:46 – (David) What is The Nature Conservancy’s mission and vision? 
28:20 – (David) TNC’s partnership with the Foundation is extensive. The Great River Partnership is a great example. 
31:18 – (David) Why are relationships like the one between TNC and the Foundation so important? 
33:00 – (Asha/Kathryn/David) You all play a different role in this type of philanthropy. What’s the evolution been like over the decades of corporate philanthropic activities?