It Starts With A Tree: Restoring Mangrove Forest in Guatemala

November 10, 2021

From coast to coast, and continent to continent, climate-related natural disasters are unfortunately becoming the new normal. In Guatemala, the community in and around San Marcos are feeling the brunt of this reality after a wildfire destroyed trees near Guatemala’s Pacific coastal marine zone and the Manchon Guamuchal mangrove forest. Restored mangroves will contribute to a more balanced and healthy abundance of fish and crustacean species, as well as migratory birds, which support the environmental stability of the region and are critical to the livelihoods of thousands of coastal people who make a living from fishing and tourism.

The Caterpillar Foundation, in partnership with One Tree Planted and the Rainforest Alliance, came together to restore 45 hectares of the mangrove forest by planting, nurturing and monitoring 90,000 red mangrove trees. Increased livelihood opportunities for local communities along the Pacific coastal zone depends heavily on the health of ecosystems in these regions, as livelihood activities are centered on the production and commercialization of fish, as well as tropical fruits and wood products, such as wood fibers and primary construction materials. Tourism services, including recreational fishing and birdwatching, are also prominent community businesses in the region. The project will support diversified income streams and increased livelihood opportunities both in the short and long term, especially as the community recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Check out the video to see how a mangrove tree brought together the most inspiring community, built on determination, resilience, and hope. 

It Starts With A Tree