Advocating for Infrastructure Investment

September 23, 2021

Infrastructure is one of the most hotly debated topics in the United States right now. Not only is it of significant importance to Caterpillar, our employees, customers and dealers – modern, efficient infrastructure is critical to American competitiveness and economic health. At this moment, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. are negotiating the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, passed by the U.S. Senate in early August with strong bipartisan support, with passage still needed by the House of Representatives to become law.  

On this Beyond The Iron podcast, Caterpillar Vice President Kathryn Karol, with responsibility for global government and corporate affairs, talks about where things stand on passage and why employees need to make their voice heard advocating for infrastructure investment.   

Podcast Program Guide (14:55 total run time)      
1:50 – We’ve heard a lot about the infrastructure debate in Washington, D.C. this year. Tell us what’s happening in Congress right now with legislation pending.  
3:35 – Infrastructure is critical to every aspect of our business. Talk about the importance of this bill to Caterpillar, and what it means for American competitiveness and economic recovery.  
5:20 – Tell us about what’s in the bill and how it would translate to real projects.  
8:25 – We’ve had great success when Caterpillar employees rally around an issue and make their voice heard. Talk about what your team is doing to influence this legislation and get it passed? 

12:10 – We know things can change quickly. What are the next steps and how can employees get involved?