Leading In Energy & Transportation: Diverse Products, Deep Expertise, Global Brands

July 19, 2021

From both a personal and professional standpoint, many of us have learned lessons during the past sixteen months as we’ve navigated the uncertainties and crisis moments during the global pandemic. Joe Creed is no different. The Caterpillar Group President with responsibility for the Energy & Transportation segment,  takes away many positives from the experience, versus dwelling on the negatives. Witnessing the resiliency and positivity shown by employees. Spending more quality time with his family while working virtually from home. A production workforce staying safe and not missing a beat serving multiple industries. E&T has a diverse product portfolio, a deep and proud culture, and great brands with tough and distinct competitors.  
Creed goes Beyond The Iron with host Rusty Dunn, to talk about E&T’s long history of success and a team that oversees the design, manufacturing, production, distribution and service of a full range of products and services. 

Program Guide (19:28 total run time)     
2:30 – As a senior leader at Caterpillar, what have learned from the events and challenges of this past year? 
4:30 – E&T has a large, diverse and global portfolio. Talk about the depth and breadth of the organization. 
8:05 – Take us with you on a customer visit. What are those interactions like and what are you listening for in those unique conversations. 
11:00 – All of the industries served by E&T have significant service growth opportunities. What are the E&T divisions doing to execute on these opportunities? 
13:35 – You’ve talked about the resiliency and positivity of employees while navigating the pandemic both personally and professionally. What would a highlight be for you in terms of positive things you’ve seen? 
15:55 – You are the executive sponsor of the Caterpillar Employee Resource group, ADEPT (Able and Disabled Employees Partnering Together). This also is a personal cause for you and your family. Talk about the strong connection with ADEPT.