PODCAST: Sustainability at Caterpillar is part of who we are and what we do

July 6, 2021

2030. It is almost a decade away, but mark it on your calendar. 2030 has become an important milepost in Caterpillar’s sustainability journey. Seven new sustainability goals to be met over the next 9 years – five centered on climate, and two focus on employee and customer safety. The new goals are introduced in our 2020 Sustainability Report, and build upon Caterpillar’s history of sustainable innovation that spans more than 95 years. 

Sustainability is our commitment to building a better world, and no one knows that more than Jeff Wilson, Global Head of Total Rewards at Caterpillar, with a broad portfolio that includes sustainability, and environmental, health and safety. Wilson and his team play a significant role in overseeing these areas. In this new Beyond The Iron podcast, Wilson sits down with host Rusty Dunn in a wide-ranging conversation covering all-things sustainability, and the growing interest from customers, investors and Caterpillar employees. 

Program Guide (49:46 total run time)     
2:45 – How is sustainability and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) embedded within Caterpillar’s overall strategy? 
5:30 – The company announced seven new sustainability goals for 2030. Give us an overview. 
12:50 – Our employees, customers, and investors have a growing interest in what Caterpillar is doing in the ESG space. What questions are they asking? 
16:25 – How are we helping our customers meet their ESG goals, and what do they look like? 
21:20 – Let’s talk about climate. What is Caterpillar’s position on climate change? 
24:05 – How did we decide on the 30% reduction goal for greenhouse gas emissions? 
31:04 – Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and Caterpillar has set a challenging goal of reducing recordable injury frequency by 50% by 2030. How did that decision come about? 
38:55 – The 2020 Sustainability Report is an incredible document. Take us behind the scenes with the team who helped get it done. 
46:18 – Whether it’s an employee, customer, investor, or someone who is passionate about sustainability, what do you want them to know about Caterpillar’s commitment in this area?